dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

Baking skills?!

Hello guys!
So you've heard we celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. we get some presents wich I'll show you!
I also got some new stuff.. wich includes a great cookbook to make CAKE POPS! Yummmm
I'll try this very soon and i'll show you the result of my baking skills..

 pink blazer and flower top

 Gift voucher

 aren't they the cutest sheeps you've ever seen?! You can eat these ones...

 How are your baking skills? Do you have pictures of it?
And what are your great plans for this week?

I'll go buy a new car probably.. because my old one is kinda dead. And ehm, today a schoolday and the rest of the week some work days.. and fridaynight a wedding party!! What should I wear?

I'd like to hear about your plans..
Happy wednesday today!


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