dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

Baking skills?!

Hello guys!
So you've heard we celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. we get some presents wich I'll show you!
I also got some new stuff.. wich includes a great cookbook to make CAKE POPS! Yummmm
I'll try this very soon and i'll show you the result of my baking skills..

 pink blazer and flower top

 Gift voucher

 aren't they the cutest sheeps you've ever seen?! You can eat these ones...

 How are your baking skills? Do you have pictures of it?
And what are your great plans for this week?

I'll go buy a new car probably.. because my old one is kinda dead. And ehm, today a schoolday and the rest of the week some work days.. and fridaynight a wedding party!! What should I wear?

I'd like to hear about your plans..
Happy wednesday today!


vrijdag 30 september 2011

Goodbye September..

My boyfriend celebrate his birthday yesterday. but also tonight and tomorrow night.
So there are more busy days coming op. Lot's of visitors...
I made a soccer cake for him haha. He loves soccer! If he had the choice, we would be watching it
every day...


dinsdag 27 september 2011

happy wednesday everybody!

Wow, shopping at Ikea was fun! After that we went to MC Donalds. I'm loving it!
We bought so much at Ikea.
Pillows, a chear, more pillows, plants, pots and way much more.

 House for our cat! ^^

have a nice day everybody!

donderdag 22 september 2011

Thank god it's friday


Sorry, this isn't an outfit post AGAIN. I know, it's really bad but I really do have this crazy, busy week.
I do have some other photographs..

New in:

Flowers, Candle jars, Leather pants, red hat (or how do you call it in English?!), top (Vero Moda)

But, this weekend (tomorrow) there's gonna be LOT'S of shopping at the Ikea. I'm really looking foreward to go and do this. I have a long list in my head of things I want to have. Don't know if my boyfriend is to happy about it.
Oh well, it's going to e lots of fun I guess. I LOVE IKEA!

Do you shop at the Ikea? If yes, in wich country/city?
And what are your plans for this weekend?

Have a great weekend everybody!

woensdag 21 september 2011

Wednesday mornings...

Hello guys!
First of all, thank you for reading my blog. It really means much to me!!!

Today is a day of school again. Yesterday was a whole day of work and the week isn't over yet...
I hope the day goes fast cuz' tomorrow I'm a day off... friday a whole day of work and saturday is a big shopping spree at the Ikea for our appartment!!! I'm so excited for this weekend. Maybe my boyfriend and I also go out for dinner.. to make it extra nice. We'll see.

I haven't made an outfit post in a while.. so I'll check if I can make some time today to make some pictures so I can post them tomorrow. I don't make any promisses!! So sorry if I didn't get the time but i'll try my best.

I heard Beyoncé got her own fashion line together with her mother..
So here are some fashionable pictures of the HOUSE OF DEREON!

What do you guys think of it?
in my opinion, i like the gittery pants and jacket the most but I like this last dress too.. it's elegant, chique.. but it can also be seen as cool. It depens on how you mix it together.

I have to go now, make myself ready for school or else i'm late..and that's not a good example for anybody..

Well, I'm looking foreward to some comments.. you can ask me anything..
See ya guys the next time!


zondag 18 september 2011

lazy sunday

You knew yesterday I had this jewelry/make up party! It was loveley. It was like paradise to me. I love make-up. Really loveley brands for a cheap price.
I also made a wishlist for my appartment. I'll go to the ikea next week or the week after. Depends on time that I have.

New in:

 at the faire

 Lipsticks (LancĂ´me, Estee Lauder etc.)

Mascara (Clinique and Chanel)

 Creme from Estee Lauder

Eye Liner (Bourjous), Lip pencil (Chanel), Eye brow pencil (Christian Dior), Lipgloss (Clinique), Eye liner pencil (Clinique) 

 I won this cute bear at the faire!!

My wish list for my appartment.

What do you guys think of it? Isn't it nice to have loads of make-up and a great wishlist? How does your wishlist look like? It can be clothes or decorating stuff or food.. anything.

I also ought a nice parfume of Jaguar for my boyfriend. He was really happy when I came home with it.

Have a great day today!!

vrijdag 16 september 2011

Almost weekend

Hi guys!
Last day of the week, and I have to work today. This weekend is going to be fun! I have a sleep over with some girls. There's a jewelry party. It means somebody comes over with lots of jewelry and stuff. She shows everything to us and the we can buy something if we like it. After that we're going to the faire. i LOVE the faire.

I have an outfit post of what I think I should wear this weekend. Let me know what you think of it...
I also have some inspiration pictures for you... Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

But first I'll have something to say. Next week there is gonna be some SHOPPING! Some new stuff to decorate my appartment. At the moment I don't have much color in here exept grey, white and black.
Wich color you think I should add to my appartment? I liked the color red...
Of course my boyfriend has to agree or else it's not gonna happen.
Well... here are my inspirational pictures.... (and one outfit picture)

Strapless top, high waist trousers, heels, golden neckless

(3suisses, schoenen reus, bijoux brigitte)

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Have a nice weekend everybody!!