maandag 29 augustus 2011

Pink Friday

This morning I ought some stuff for school. Then my eyes layed on some cute undies. So I bought them too. I couldn't leave those there..
I also bought shoes for my boyfriend. But then I saw thes loveley shoes for only 5 euros!! They were for sale.

I also had to go to the bakery where i get some nice brownies and bread. It's so jummy from the bakery!

I'm usy to pimp my guitar so I can hang it up in my living room. (Yes, I have my own appartment)

My lunch!

wonderfull brownies from bakery

Todays Outfit:

blouse 3 suisses, skirt new yorker, tights H&M

shoes, schoenen reus

new shoes... 5euros, schoenen reus

MY NEW PROJECT !!! Pimping my guitar

I love Nicki Minaj

My fav album of the moment!

see ya laterrrr


zondag 28 augustus 2011

moment for life.


Today I went to the zoo with some family members. It was lots of fun! I made some pictures. I also made some pictures from todays outfit.

Some animals we saw..

My lunch, some strawerries & I also had some fries.

Todays outfit:

Jeans H&M, knitted vest H&M, Top H&M, Neckless H&M, Jeans H&M, Shoes SchoenenReus, Rings Bijoux Brigitte, Earrings Zeeman

It was a busy day but a great day. Now I'm tired.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I read about Best dressed women of The Netherlands. Jackie magazine has chosen for Lieke van Lexmond!

Nikkie Plessen, Lieke van Lexmond, Eva Hoeke

Stacey Rookhuizen showed up in a garbedge bag. she also reached the top 25 of best dressed women 2011

The judges were: Leontine Borsato (Best dressed women 2010), Replay owner Carlo Ferilli and the director from fashion institute of Arnhem, Angelique Westerhof.

Lieke was impressed by winning the titel. She was especially gracefull to her sister, Jetteke van Lexmond. She's a stylist and gave Lieke trough the years many fashion advice!

Blog ya later

zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

i'm blazin'

Todays outfit

Blazer Primark, Top H&M, Chino trousers 3Suisses, Bracelet Second hand store, Shoes Van Haren, Earrings & Hat

And for now: Let's celebrate weekend! How do you spend the weekend? And what is yours today outfit?

Blog ya later..


vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Thank god it's friday!

Today my shoes arrived. I ave two pair of them. I also bought some earrings and nailpolish.
I don't have a picture from the nailpolish. I bought yellow and black polish.

I do have pictures off the shoes and earrings so here we go:

Glitter wedges, second hand store

Wedges Schoenen Reus, Earrings Zeeman

The two off them are both wedges. First wedges have some really great glitters on the heel.That's what I love most about them. The secod wedges have some laces on them and a lower heel. I love both of them.

The earrings are kinda bronze colored. I love the shapes of them. Like drops and leaves.
I'm curious what you think of it. You let me know?

I do hope I have some followers soon cuz' now I'm blogging for myself all the time. Would love if someone read it.

I worked te whole day so I didn't had a great outfit. I'm a barber so we have to wear black all times. Tomorrow another workday. And then it's finally WEEKEND!

Have a great evening (for what's left of it)


donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Dear old friend.

I still have no followers but I'll keep going with my blog ;-)
I received my order from 3suisses today!

Here is some (bad quality) picture

a see trough blouse, chino trousers, high waist trousers and a strapless top.

I love my new stuff.. but I'm still waiting for my new shoes. Those are glitter wedges. I'll post a picture when I have it.

I do still need a new bag tough. I don't buy many bags so I don't have much to show you.
I do know I'm addicted to shopping.. and I hate it. It's an expensive hobby..
But I really like to have a big closet! So I can mix and match whatever I want.

How does your closet look like?
And what are your hobbies?


woensdag 24 augustus 2011

lots of stuff

Hello guys!!

I finally made some pictures off the stuff I bought. Today I went shopping AGAIN.
So first start with todays outfit:

Top H&M, Jeans, Shoes H&M, Neckless H&M, Ring Action, Bag Market

Okay, that was todays outfit. Nothing crazy, just casual.
So, here we go with what i've bought:

Uggs H&M, Jeans H&M, White Blouse H&M, Blazer Primark, Neckless Bijoux Birgitte, Bracelets Second hand store, Perfume

Winered top H&M, Top H&M, Knitted vest H&M, Tights H&M

Nailpolish H&M, Nailpolish darkblue Pieces

The ring i've searched for a long time!!! From Bijoux Birgitte

I LOVE this neckless from Bijoux Birgitte

two pictures of my new pink lipstick!

Well, that was all of it. I said I was going to get my order from 3suisses today. Well, it didn't came...
So I'm sorry I didn't got any photo's of my other clothes.

I also ordered some shoes from the second hand store.. I will show you those pictures when I have everything. That must be enough shopping for the whole month. Cuz some birthdays comping up.. so I need my money!

Thank you for reading...
I'm little bit curious tough what you think of my new things!!
Hope you send a commend....

Blog ya later!


p.s. I'm reaaally sorry for the bad photo quality... You can hardly see all of my stuff. Hope you like it anyway..

dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Back to school

I'm sorry i didn't post anything yet after my 'shoppingtime'.
My shoppingday really didn't went that well. I was at the local hobby store and they just had nothing! Nothing to start with my jewelry. So that was a bummer. But! I did got my delivery from H&M. And Today I also expect to get my order from second hand store and 3suisses.
I'm curious if everything looks like the way i've got it in my head.

Today is my first day of school again. Summer went so fast. We did not had a great summer here in The Netherlands. We had much of rain and thunder. Well, we didn't had rain and thunder all the time. We had some sunshine to. But when it shined.. damn. It was a bit too hot.
But besides the weather I had a loveley summer.

After school I'm going to the city and I PROMISS to make some pictures.

Thanks for reading,


zondag 21 augustus 2011


Tomorrow I go shopping and i'm so exited!
I have much on my wishlist:

- Beads
- Material for making jewelry
- Fabric
- Clay
- Molds

I also reserved some shoes, I'll have them at the end off the week.

Those are soms clothes I want to buy tomorrow:

Bracelet, marktplaats

shirt, h&m

top, h&m

skirt, h&m

and many more!
What do you think of it? Buy it or not?
See you tomorrow with my newest clothes!