zondag 18 september 2011

lazy sunday

You knew yesterday I had this jewelry/make up party! It was loveley. It was like paradise to me. I love make-up. Really loveley brands for a cheap price.
I also made a wishlist for my appartment. I'll go to the ikea next week or the week after. Depends on time that I have.

New in:

 at the faire

 Lipsticks (LancĂ´me, Estee Lauder etc.)

Mascara (Clinique and Chanel)

 Creme from Estee Lauder

Eye Liner (Bourjous), Lip pencil (Chanel), Eye brow pencil (Christian Dior), Lipgloss (Clinique), Eye liner pencil (Clinique) 

 I won this cute bear at the faire!!

My wish list for my appartment.

What do you guys think of it? Isn't it nice to have loads of make-up and a great wishlist? How does your wishlist look like? It can be clothes or decorating stuff or food.. anything.

I also ought a nice parfume of Jaguar for my boyfriend. He was really happy when I came home with it.

Have a great day today!!

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  1. oh I have this chanel mascara, too! love it!!