maandag 12 september 2011

pop - pop - pop

Hi Guys!
Today I'm posting a great idea for when you have visitors, or with special occasions.
They are very cute, delicious and they look great. First I'll post some pictures of these cute eatable thingies!

How do they look?!


Cake mix and what you need to make the cake
a can of frosting chocolate
sprinkles and sticks!

Easy as it can be ;-)

But now comes making it! Or should I say, baking it!

Make up your cake mix and bake. If you're cake is ready, destroy the cake and put it in a bowl (*).
Now add the frosting, but look at yourself how much you think you'll need. Every cake mix is different so I can't tell you how much you exactly need.
After combining the cake and frosting it formed like a ball.  Create little round balls off the dough.

Next step is to put the sticks in them. (tip: if you put the sticks first in melted chocolate (not all the way but only the end) and then in the cake pops.. this helps the pops to stay on the stick better) It especially helps when you're dipping the pops in the chocolate.

After putting the sticks in the cake pops, put them in the fridge for a few hours. Get them out of the fridge, dip them in chocolate and  then you can dip them in sprinkles. You can also choose for a variety of sprinkles.

They will end up like cute little cakes on a stick!

Bon apetit!

- - - - - - - - - -

You can also use this for different occasions like:  christmas, easter, valentines day... everything you can come up with. So here I have some more pictures..

Have fun with baking!


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