zondag 4 september 2011

Next to you


I do have time to post! Everybody is still asleep and I can't sleep anymore :-(
But now I can post a message here. So, the weekend is loveley! It's very nice to see everybody again.
Today I'm going to see the whole family because my grandmother has a party. And  yesterday I went to my uncle and aunt. It was loveley to spend time with them.

I also played with the dog in the backyard. It was such loveley weather!

Skirt H&M, Top H&M, Tights H&M, Shoes SchoenenReus, Neckless H&M, Rings Bijoux Brigitte& Claire's, Sunglasses Unknown, Watch NewYorker

 Making a short of my trousers!!
The result!!

With my sweetheart!

Those are pictures of yesterday. Today I'll make some new pictures and post them tonight or maybe tomorrow. Let me know what you think of today's post!

Blog ya later!

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