donderdag 1 september 2011

Here I am

Sorry I didn't post anything for a few days. I was busy working and doing some homework. But hey, here I am again! I don't have any outfit pictures of the last days cuz' I worked.. and at work.. well, we don't have much fashionable clothes. We have to wear all black, flat shoes, no accesoires.

I do have some pictures from new shopping spree! Yay! :-)
Here are my new best friends:

My lunch at work with a loveley magazine! 

FINALLY found them!!! They are delicious. My new addiction!

Bright pink top H&M, Golden sweater

Watch New Yorker, Featherly earrings, Ring Claires

Bag with furr

Curious what you think of it. I especially love the golden sweater, it's so warm en pretty. Glitters all over it! And ofcourse.. the macarons. I finally found them at a big store. I was searching for them for a very long time and then.. BOOM. There they were!! And they are delicious too.

Did you ever tasted macarons? And what did you think of it?

Talk to you guys soon!

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