vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Thank god it's friday!

Today my shoes arrived. I ave two pair of them. I also bought some earrings and nailpolish.
I don't have a picture from the nailpolish. I bought yellow and black polish.

I do have pictures off the shoes and earrings so here we go:

Glitter wedges, second hand store

Wedges Schoenen Reus, Earrings Zeeman

The two off them are both wedges. First wedges have some really great glitters on the heel.That's what I love most about them. The secod wedges have some laces on them and a lower heel. I love both of them.

The earrings are kinda bronze colored. I love the shapes of them. Like drops and leaves.
I'm curious what you think of it. You let me know?

I do hope I have some followers soon cuz' now I'm blogging for myself all the time. Would love if someone read it.

I worked te whole day so I didn't had a great outfit. I'm a barber so we have to wear black all times. Tomorrow another workday. And then it's finally WEEKEND!

Have a great evening (for what's left of it)


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