maandag 29 augustus 2011

Pink Friday

This morning I ought some stuff for school. Then my eyes layed on some cute undies. So I bought them too. I couldn't leave those there..
I also bought shoes for my boyfriend. But then I saw thes loveley shoes for only 5 euros!! They were for sale.

I also had to go to the bakery where i get some nice brownies and bread. It's so jummy from the bakery!

I'm usy to pimp my guitar so I can hang it up in my living room. (Yes, I have my own appartment)

My lunch!

wonderfull brownies from bakery

Todays Outfit:

blouse 3 suisses, skirt new yorker, tights H&M

shoes, schoenen reus

new shoes... 5euros, schoenen reus

MY NEW PROJECT !!! Pimping my guitar

I love Nicki Minaj

My fav album of the moment!

see ya laterrrr


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