zondag 28 augustus 2011

moment for life.


Today I went to the zoo with some family members. It was lots of fun! I made some pictures. I also made some pictures from todays outfit.

Some animals we saw..

My lunch, some strawerries & I also had some fries.

Todays outfit:

Jeans H&M, knitted vest H&M, Top H&M, Neckless H&M, Jeans H&M, Shoes SchoenenReus, Rings Bijoux Brigitte, Earrings Zeeman

It was a busy day but a great day. Now I'm tired.

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I read about Best dressed women of The Netherlands. Jackie magazine has chosen for Lieke van Lexmond!

Nikkie Plessen, Lieke van Lexmond, Eva Hoeke

Stacey Rookhuizen showed up in a garbedge bag. she also reached the top 25 of best dressed women 2011

The judges were: Leontine Borsato (Best dressed women 2010), Replay owner Carlo Ferilli and the director from fashion institute of Arnhem, Angelique Westerhof.

Lieke was impressed by winning the titel. She was especially gracefull to her sister, Jetteke van Lexmond. She's a stylist and gave Lieke trough the years many fashion advice!

Blog ya later

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