dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Back to school

I'm sorry i didn't post anything yet after my 'shoppingtime'.
My shoppingday really didn't went that well. I was at the local hobby store and they just had nothing! Nothing to start with my jewelry. So that was a bummer. But! I did got my delivery from H&M. And Today I also expect to get my order from second hand store and 3suisses.
I'm curious if everything looks like the way i've got it in my head.

Today is my first day of school again. Summer went so fast. We did not had a great summer here in The Netherlands. We had much of rain and thunder. Well, we didn't had rain and thunder all the time. We had some sunshine to. But when it shined.. damn. It was a bit too hot.
But besides the weather I had a loveley summer.

After school I'm going to the city and I PROMISS to make some pictures.

Thanks for reading,


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