vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Give it like BOOM BOOM BOOM

and I fell in love with Paris, France. even tough I've never been there.
It really is my biggest dream to go over there and be amazed by Paris. It seems to me it's an amazing city to be. Just walking around, making pictures and ofcourse being a tourist! I love the language too. It's so romantic..

LOVE this video
hope my trip someday is going to be like in the video...

Beautifull rings

I was searching on the net today. and saw some amazing rings I wanted to share with you.

There are really much more awesome rings on:

Have fun shopping!

I also going to start making my own jewelry.. I will post some photographs if I made some. I'm very exited to start with it. So after the weekend i'll go to the hobby store and buy some stuff to begin with.

Greetings, Strawberry love ;-)

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