woensdag 24 augustus 2011

lots of stuff

Hello guys!!

I finally made some pictures off the stuff I bought. Today I went shopping AGAIN.
So first start with todays outfit:

Top H&M, Jeans, Shoes H&M, Neckless H&M, Ring Action, Bag Market

Okay, that was todays outfit. Nothing crazy, just casual.
So, here we go with what i've bought:

Uggs H&M, Jeans H&M, White Blouse H&M, Blazer Primark, Neckless Bijoux Birgitte, Bracelets Second hand store, Perfume

Winered top H&M, Top H&M, Knitted vest H&M, Tights H&M

Nailpolish H&M, Nailpolish darkblue Pieces

The ring i've searched for a long time!!! From Bijoux Birgitte

I LOVE this neckless from Bijoux Birgitte

two pictures of my new pink lipstick!

Well, that was all of it. I said I was going to get my order from 3suisses today. Well, it didn't came...
So I'm sorry I didn't got any photo's of my other clothes.

I also ordered some shoes from the second hand store.. I will show you those pictures when I have everything. That must be enough shopping for the whole month. Cuz some birthdays comping up.. so I need my money!

Thank you for reading...
I'm little bit curious tough what you think of my new things!!
Hope you send a commend....

Blog ya later!


p.s. I'm reaaally sorry for the bad photo quality... You can hardly see all of my stuff. Hope you like it anyway..

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