vrijdag 19 augustus 2011


Damned. I was busy and almost ready with my first message for you guys and I pressed a button and it was all gone. So I have to start all over again. So here we go...
First of al, Hello everybody, my name is Rowan Nijssen. I'm 20 years old and I'm from The Netherlands.
I loooove food and fashion. I also love interiour design and nail art.

My first blog will go about a really good recipe I found. Sorry for my bad English.

Frozen Yoghurt Pops!

Active time: 10 minues
Total time: 4 hours
Serves: 8


- Strawberry
- 2 cup lowfat strawberry yoghurt
- 1 table spoon fresh lemon juice
- 2 table spoons light corn syrup
- 2 table spoons sugar
- 2 cups fresh or frozen unsweetened strawberries

Recipe Preparation:

1. Have ready: eight 3- to 4-oz ice-pop molds and wooden ice pop sticks

2. Puréé yoghurt, lemon juice, corn syrup, sugar and 1 cup strawberries in a blender or food processor untill smooth. Add remaining berries; pulse until mixture is puréed but still has tiny specks of strawberry.

3. Pour into molds, cover with tops and insert ice-pop sticks. Freeze 4 to 6 hours until hard.

4. To serve: remove tops from molds. Dip molds briefly in warm, not hot, water. Gently pull pops out of mold.

5. Substitute lowfat mango yoghurt for the strawberry yoghurt and fresh mango chunks for the strawberries.

6. Substitute lowfat pineapple yoghurt  for the strawberry yoghurt and fresh pineapple chunks for the strawberries.

' Bon apetit !!!

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